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About Djinjama

Djinjama is a cultural design and research enterprise founded in 2020 by Dr Danièle Hromek (Budawang/Dhurga/Yuin and Burrier/Dharawal). Our name, meaning “to make, complete, produce or build something” in Dhurga language, captures our approach to honouring culture and Country in the built environment.

Djinjama stems from Dr Danièle Hromek’s consulting, design practice and research background. Our core mission is to bring Indigenous rights and culture to the forefront of the built environment, placing Country at the heart of design.
Our Approach

Djinjama aims to infuse Indigenous perspectives and cultural practices into every aspect of our built environment, design and research endeavours. We merge traditional methods with contemporary research, guided by insights passed down from Danièle’s grandmother, Gloria, and honed through Danièle’s research  and design experience. Our approach centres on Country, recognising it as the central force that holds and envelops all entities. Our methodology of Reading Country gives authority to Indigenous peoples as the true knowers of the land they are descended from and related to. It involves going beyond colonial records to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of a place.

Our Values

Guided by the wisdom from Elder Uncle Greg Simms, we embrace the following values:

Always show respect

to Country, culture, kin and community.


those whose shoulders you stand upon and those from whom you learn.

Never be greedy, and always share

to conserve resources and reduce waste on Country.

Don’t take too much from the water or bush

to ensure you are acting mindfully and sustainably towards Country.

Always listen

to a diversity of voices about Country including human, non-human and more-than-human.

Importantly, we are reminded that we do not own the land, the land owns us.