Djinjama - Cultural Design and ResearchDjinjama - Cultural Design and Research


Djinjama brings Aboriginal ways of thinking and cultural practices along with community narratives into projects to provide an Indigenous underlay in order the whole project is grounded in Country. This approach recognises the multiple perspectives of Knowledge Holders to design with Country.


Designing with Country

Djinjama’s work includes design, architecture and built environment projects relating to Designing with Country, Connecting with Country and Planning with Country.

We collaborate on projects such as:

  • Upgrades and refurbishments
  • Cultural mapping
  • Installation design
  • Architectural design
  • Interpretation strategies
  • Public art projects
  • Curation
  • Master plans
  • Place-making strategies
  • Precinct plans
  • Urban planning


Country Centred Design

We use Country Centred Design methodologies to bring Country, culture and kin into the centre of our work. Starting with Country is a new method for non-Indigenous people and for the built environment. However, at Djinjama, our approach continues to develop the process gifted by generations of Aboriginal ancestors in which design happens in collaboration with Country. It is essential First Nations people guide this process, which is what Djinjama brings to projects.

Country-centred design based on relationality (below) versus Human-centred design based on hierarchy (above). Image by Danièle Hromek based on the work of Steffen Lehmann.
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