Djinjama - Cultural Design and ResearchDjinjama - Cultural Design and Research


Some of the strategies, approaches and other documents we have developed are downloadable here:


Aboriginal Cultural Values: An Approach for Engaging with Country

Authored by Danièle Hromek for Marine Estate Management Authority, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, 2020


Indigenous Interpretation Strategy

Authored by Danièle Hromek, Sarah Jane Jones, Annabel Stevens, Isabelle Toland for Gunyama Park and Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre, 2020


Cultural Principles and Protocols For Designers for projects or curricula involving Indigenous peoples, communities and materials

Authored by Danièle Hromek and Terri Janke, 2017


Language and Terminology for Referencing Aboriginal Culture and Heritage in the Design of the Built Environment

Authored by Danièle Hromek, 2019


Planning for Country (Countermapping for Rossmore)

Authored by Danièle Hromek with the guidance of Dharug Elders and Knowledge Holders, 2022


Respectful Authorship and Design: Indigenous Peoples, their Knowledges, Experiences and Relationships

Authored by Danièle Hromek, 2020

Alternative planning process for the built environment (above). Image by Danièle Hromek with Sarah Jane Jones, Annabel Stevens, Isabelle Toland.
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