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Planning for Country (Countermapping)

Countermapping enables those whose voices who have not been included in conventional maps to be heard. With Countermapping mapping and cartographic tools are used with the intention of correcting inaccuracies that are in existing maps. Countermapping can be about bringing awareness to injustices or addressing power imbalances. Countermapping is about elevating voices that have often been silenced but doing so in a way that makes sense to those people rather than those who did the silencing. Countermapping is about giving the opportunity to tell the unheard stories of places.

In this project we used Countermapping to masterplan Dharug lands and waters to support the health and wellbeing of Dharug Country, in particular to support the Dharug community care for Country through an extended process of engaging with them.

This report brings together and describes that process, and provides an overview of how each map can be used to inform the way engagement with local Knowledge Holders and Country can be translated into land use and water infrastructure planning.

Cover of Planning for Country (Countermapping)
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