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Ganbyuma (To Make a Fire)

Project Team: Aileen Sage Architects, Bangawarra, Event Engineering

Location: Gweagal and Bidjigal of Kamay [Botany Bay]

Date: 2019

Methodology: Country Centred Design

Type: Installation

Overview: ‘Ganbyuma’ (gun-bee-ooma – to make a fire) is a bridge that spans land, shoreline
and water, revealing layers of knowledges and stories of survival and arrival. Inspired by the culture and stories of the local people. ‘Ganbyuma’ provides an experience of learning for visitors to the Kamay National Park. The monumental element of this work is not the bridge itself, but the activities performed while there; walking Country, experiencing ceremony and being immersed in the stories of the Kamay Songline. Through ‘Ganbyuma’ we will have the opportunity to demonstrate a deep respect for all peoples, cultures, histories, perspectives and values – for all of those who have come before us, and for those who are yet to come.

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